General Conditions: Commitment and Operation of Jurado Minerals.

Jurado Minerals, discussed below operating conditions, so that all orders are subject to these and the completion of that order also implies acceptance of these conditions. It is understood in the same way that the customer is of legal age and has the ability to read and accept.


Table of Contents 

  1. Our commitment to shops, Merchants and Professionals 
  2. 1. Ordering through this web site 
  3. 2. Prices, Payment and Delivery 
    1. 2.1 Prices 
    2. 2.2 Payment 
    3. 2.3 Delivery 
  4. 3. Incidents and Returns 



Online prices are the same prices that we have in store.
Our minerals are natural crystals, although some may be dyed, minerals remain. You can always ask any questions, respond with total precision.
Minerals pictures are exactly the same as those used during shooting.
All orders will be shipped within 24 hours after receiving the payment thereof (except in the case of COD to be paid at the time of delivery). After transportation you can take to their distribution in most cases, between 3 and 5 days for the package to arrive destination, depending on the distance.
We wrap your order carefully to prevent damage during transport.
Any purchase information of our customers is strictly confidential. 


1. Ordering through this website 

  • Create a new account, register their details with the option to incorporate into our database (contact name, address, ID number, email, ...) 
  • Select the products that interest you. 
  • Add selected products your shopping cart, click "Finish" and complete the following information: 
    • Delivery Address 
    • Comments; Any comments, questions, because you want to send about the order you can do it in this box and come to our suppliers. You can also contact us through 
    • Click billing address (only if different to delivery address). 
    • Choose the method of payment (bank transfer account or deposit, cash or credit card Visa / Mastercard) confirm 
    • You will be informed of the correct progress of your order and the vendor that    handles the request. (Further clarification will be this person you should contact and     respond to it). 


If for some reason Jurado Minerals  did not accept your order, we will notify you immediately by e-mail.
If you need any clarification or additional information, we suggest you contact email. 


2. Prices, payment and shipment 

2.1 Prices 

All product prices on the website do not include VAT. Total VAT payable will be broken at the end of the buying process.
The total order will vary, but finished none of the stocks of the products you have selected. You will not replace any similar product selected unless you expressly inform us in the comments.
You will receive the invoice with delivery of the products. 


2.2. Payment 

Shipments are made by parcel service by a transit agency. The cost of this service is the responsibility of customer orders below 500 €. Shipping will be free for all orders over 500 € (excluding VAT and for domestic shipments within the Iberian peninsula ), provided it does not include salt products and its fate in the Canary Islands.

The cost of this service is based on weight and delivery location. If you want to be informed in advance of this cost, or prefer to use a different agency Jurado Minerals proposes, should be noted in the "Comments" when ordering or contact our sales via email at

Remember that the COD payment option is an additional increase of 3% (minimum 1 €) and payable to the carrier at the time of delivery.

Once received orders to take 1-3 days to be made and the carrier immediately upon receipt of payment thereof in accordance delivered. (Please bring proof of payment or deposit account through to accelerate out of order. To use the VISA card will be immediately executed the transaction fee).

Deliveries are made by mail in the territory of Spain Peninsular reach your destination 1-4 business days of delivery of the order by the Jurado Minerals. (For deliveries outside this area delivery times vary).
(For deliveries Christmas period the transit agency may be delayed due to the saturation of shipments at this time.)

If you or someone you trust can only receive your order at a specific time, you must inform our suppliers hours in the comments box when ordering or email

Upon receiving the product, please check it in the presence of the carrier and verify that the appropriate number of packets received with the packing list indicating the shipping, and the status thereof. If this anomaly should be reflected in the bill before signing and always in the presence of the carrier. 


3. Questions of Order and Returns 

If after delivery, checking the goods in detail, note some not attributable to the carrier (broken or incorrect quantities, prices, the product does not fit what you requested, etc..) Anomaly, you should contact Jurado Minerals in less than 72 hours (3 calendar days) and expose the impact with the certainty that you will immediately give you the best solution to resolve it.

Out of this time period shall be deemed acceptance thereof by the customer and will not result in any impact claim.

Product shabby or not be the one you selected will be wrapped with extreme care and returned to the premises of Jurado Minerals  within 10 days from the time they reported the incident. The mailing address for return shipping:
Jurado Minerals
C/Major, 90 (BAJOS)
C.P. 08970 - Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona)


These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Spain.