Here we explain step by step how to buy minerals collection in our online store.

There are several ways to order from this page, choose the one you like.

1. - Registration and buy adding minerals in which you are interested in your shopping cart:


This is the best way!; faster and leading to a smaller number of errors.

Orders are stored in our server and will be in the order they were received.


2. - Give us a call:

- You can find us at the phone 93 477 03 39
- Our office hours are 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, will be pleased to serve you.


3. - Sending an email indicating :

- Your contact details: name, address and phone. 
- The mineral in which you are interested: Mineral name, reference, place of origin and price.


Within 48 hours from receipt of the order will have the confirmation email for availability of the chosen pieces and the total amount (including applicable taxes if that were the case). And we'll get to as quickly as possible to process your order so that you can enjoy the pieces as soon as possible.

Remember freight shipments shall not exceed 300 €, so when you receive your package also incur transportation costs thereof. You can see the shipping table to get an estimate.