If you are not completely satisfied with the minerals you can return them within three weeks from the date you received them. You have every right to return the order if arrives damaged, does not like or is not what you expected. We understand that past that timeframe are satisfied with your order.


If you have not been returned within this period will not be accepted as a return. To be accepted for return must also meet the following requirements:


1. Any mineral to be returned must reach us back in three weeks from the date on which the packet is received. This means you have a week to decide whether to return the order, and has two weeks of scope for the transport it to us back. Parts must be sent in one week from the time they are received to ensure that the package arrives back to our warehouse before the deadline.


2. Wrap the mineral with the toilet paper turning in all directions skein of wool type, until approximately 3cm padding on all sides. And then wrap them with tissue paper or bubble wrap that was sent. Include the label. Use the box with what ever received and when it is not damaged.


3. Insure the package for the full value of the contents.


Failure of any of the above measures will result not take responsibility for any damage suffered by the part in the return path.


Upon receipt of the return of the good parts have two possibilities, or exchange them for other pieces of your choice or we will we return your money by transfer to your bank account. The amount will be refunded in full except for shipping costs.


NOTE: We do not care the reason for your return, but if you return a part that has come to you in poor condition and no obvious signs on the packaging (damaged, it cracked, beaten, ...), we would appreciate that you send a photo as test so we can make the corresponding claim to the carrier.





The size of the piece: Referencing overall dimensions indicated and trasládalas a sheet of paper. There always will be adjusted to the size in which you visualize the picture of that mineral.


Do not they look like on the computer: Please note that depending on screen brightness, contrast, color and other specifications for the settings of your computer, there may be variations as you would see the piece if you held in your hands you also have to tell that we are striving to make the photographs in optimal conditions to show the greatest beauty of the piece.