Panasqueira Flat 5x7

102,85 € 


Apatite, siderite, ferberite, arsenopyrite, fluorite, quartz, Panasqueira, Minas da Panasqueira, Beira Baixa, Portugal.

This mineral belongs to the mine: Panasqueira

Country: Portugal

Region: Panasqueira


Panasquira first quality flat in boxes of 5 x 7. The box may include apatite, ferberite, arsenopyrite, calcopyrite, siderites, pyrite, quartz or fluorite, all from the same mine. The lot has 30 units and is ideal for resale or exchang.

  • High42 cm
  • Width28 cm
  • Depth7 cm
  • Weight6000 g
  • GroupApatite (Panasqueira)